Using LaTeX on WordPress


I recently found this neat little tool for converting a LaTeX document in to a WordPress document with minimal effort.

Given the ease that Latex introduces in writing documents, especially those involving mathematics, this is a much needed tool that will significantly reduce the effort in compiling WordPress articles.

Now I do not claim to be an expert in LaTeX formatting; rather, I am a beginner myself. Thus, I will not preach about the various utilities provided by this converter, but will just give a link to another blog, “in theory”, which is written by the author of this converter.

The Converter

So here goes. The tool is called LaTeX2WP, and is basically a Python script for converting your Tex document in to an HTML document. So in addition to downloading this converter, you will need a Python interpreter to execute it, and get your final document. As advertised, the output of running the Python script is a HTML document which can be copy pasted in to the WordPress window.

Here is the link to the blog page where the author explains this converter in considerable more depth than I have here: in theory

As a final note, this post has been written originally in LaTeX, and then converted using LaTeX2WP and published here.

It Works !!!

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